Attck of teh AzN Cow flu! (cowbert) wrote in fbsd,
Attck of teh AzN Cow flu!

tun tap hairpin (with qemu)

Dear Lazyweb -

I'm running qemu with -net tap to allow real IP in qemu. I'm following Nakata Maho's how-to, where the tap interface is bridged with the real ethernet device (,tap0).

My qemu guest can access the network and the network can access it directly, but of course I can't connect to the guest's IP from the host or vice versa. Right now I can, of course use nc or ssh tunnels to a 2nd physically separate IP but that sort of kills the entire performance benefit of what my objective is (to be able to use rdesktop to connect to the guest instead of vnc). I think this is sort of an odd scenario but I'd appreciate any ideas.
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