kray_zemli (kray_zemli) wrote in fbsd,

Sendmail and Xorg problems

Just heard about FreeBSD and tryed to look at it. Installed version 6.1 under VMWare. It worked OK, I've tryed KDE and it is something to play with. But just after I've enabled network (configured network interface from sysinstall), this tamagochi wants something i don't know what. it halts during boot, pressing Ctrl-C breaks the script /etc/rc.d/sendmail and it goes on booting. Also, XOrg doesn't start. It hangs for a few minutes and then stops with error "no screens found" and a lot of text about it.

I tried to re-install FreeBSD "from zero-point" (this time i've configured network interface during install), and still have problems.

I used DHCP option to configure network adapter. It is connected to VMWare virtual network.

How to solve all these?
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