bsdbox (bsdbox) wrote in fbsd,

My first port

I've been wanting to try my hand at porting a software to FreeBSD for a while, and ha been planning on porting the JWM window manager, but someone else finally did it in December. So I decided to go with 'htop', which is a process viewer for linux, similar to 'top' but with better features/functionality. I'm almost done with it. It will build and install fine on my laptop as long as I have FreeBSD's Linux Binary Compatibility layer installed and linprocfs mounted under /proc. The default for the linprocfs under FreeBSD is /compat/linux/proc, however. I have asked the developer if he could either write a patch(since I'm no programmer) for FreeBSD to change it to point to /compat/linux/proc or set it as a definable option whe running the configure script, the latter of which would probably be easiest.

I will probably submit my beta port with an explaination of how the linprocfs must be mounted to /proc for it to build/run.
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