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Got a problem!

I'm from Russia and newbie in this community, now I'm working in a company with server on FreeBSD 5.2. I'm not a system administrator, unfortunately, and i've never used FreeBSD.
Though, it's me, whop is responsible for server.
Lately I nopticed that Squid is crashing down every day, a guy told me it's for the size of logs and i've cleaned them. The problem persists.
I thought that, like in Windows, reboot could help.
The server couldn't even boot (neither in normal nor in single-user mode), hanging up after the phrase "Timeclock ...(don't remember for sure)... every 10,000 msec"
I managed to load without ACPI support and when i tried to enter Midnight Commander FreeBSD said "Bad system call (core dumped)".
Then Iwas attacked by the messages "... The redirector helpers are crashing too rapidly"

Could you be so kind as to help me to solve my problem, otherwise my Boss will kill me tomorrow.
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